NYSCAA, in collaboration with Pro Action of Steuben and Yates and with support from the Department of State, is sponsoring a two day training for CAA staff who are interested in becoming an educator/facilitator using ACE Interface Master Trainer Program materials.  Twenty-five CAA staff from New York State Community Actions Agencies (CAA) will be selected to be part of a cohort to become ACE Interface Master Trainers.  Selected applicants will attend a training that will tentatively be held on April 28 & 29, 2020 in a central location in the state, likely the Syracuse area.  

The ACE Interface Train the Master Trainer Program is designed to support rapid dissemination of ACE and resilience science, and promote understanding and application of the science to improve health and wellbeing across the lifespan.  In less than a year, the Master Trainer Program enables delivery ACE information to diverse communities--with fidelity to science and concepts--to tens of thousands of people.

 The two-day training is provided by Dr. Robert Anda (original Dr. for Kaiser Permanente Study)  and Laura Porter (National Trainer) using licensed materials. The materials include education about the ACE Study findings, the biology of adversity including neuroscience and epigenetics that explain why ACEs are so powerful.  The training addresses what participants can do to promote resilience, recovery, and self-healing communities.  https://www.aceinterface.com/MTE.html

 The training content includes:

  1. Increase knowledge and improves the skills of participants related to the biological, health, and social impacts of ACEs as well as the promise of prevention and collective action to enhance accommodation and resilience.
  2. Prepare participants to deliver presentations that inspire, engage, and motivate powerful action by diverse audiences, and train other people to do the same.

People love this program!  The presentation script and photographs evoke new ways of thinking, compassion, hope, and motivation to act.  ACE educators benefit in three ways: 1) each presenter is part of a cohort of ACE educators who co-present and provide feedback; 2) a hosting organization supports presenters as a learning community; 3) fidelity and quality of information is assured via updates and reviews by leading experts affiliated with ACE Interface.  ACE Interface Master Trainer/Coaches have a vital role in sparking a new social movement – one with the power to transform the future of the public’s health.

Click here to view the full description of the ACE Interface Master Trainer Commitment.

If you have questions about the training content or process, contact Margie Lawlor, Special Projects Director, Pro Action, at  [email protected]