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Description of the Motivational Interviewing Training Commitment

Deadline - July 24, 2020

Please click here to apply!

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based client-centered way of talking to people to draw out their own reasons and motivations for making a change. When people talk about why THEY want to change, they are more likely to follow through. MI teaches professional helpers how to draw out a client’s motivation to change.

MI has a wide research base and leads to good outcomes with people who struggle with issues such as substance use, medical problems, homelessness, and difficulty with follow-through. When you do work that makes a positive impact in the lives of others, it increases job satisfaction and reduces stress and burnout.

Anyone who works in a social services role can learn MI. The best candidates are those who care about lifelong learning and improving their work with clients, who work with people who struggle with sticking to good habits, and who are willing to practice new techniques. You should be willing to commit to a year of coaching.

MI takes practice. This training program begins with a 10-week 3-hour online interactive class, with about one hour of homework a week. Over the year, attendees will receive small group coaching and support, and will connect to an ongoing practice community of other MI learners across NY Community Action agencies.

NYSCAA, in collaboration with CAAs across New York State, will help to organize and coordinate two groups of CAA staff of up to 20 in each group.  NYSCAA will support the group learners through the creation of an ongoing learning community. 

The training program will be taught by Melanie and Todd Sage who are Social Work professors at University at Buffalo and have been training people in MI in-person and online for ten years. Before that, they each had 10 years of direct practice in helping fields, including child welfare, the VA, substance abuse, domestic violence, private practice, and hospital and psychiatric work.

Please click here to apply!